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Meet Our Board Members

Robert Carlow - President

Became a member of Greenwood in 1982.  My dad worked at Greenwood and would visit often when I was a very young child.  I grew up in the area of Greenwood.  I remember the sirens going off twice a day.  I m a Captain at the Coventry Fire Department.  I became President of Greenwood for 6 years.  Working as President has been a challenge trying to keep the nostalgia of Greenwood going.  The goal of Greenwood is to create a place where members can meet enjoy themselves and preserve the history of Greenwood for the public.

Gary W Johnson - Chief

Retired Firefighter Of Over 26 years of service. I joined Greenwood in October of 1977. Over 44 years ago, my father (Arthur “Pete” Johnson) joined in 1956 and my Grandfather (Thomas Smith) joined in 1959. I wanted to keep up with the tradition. I like Greenwood because there is a lot of history, just in that one station, how the Warwick fire service has evolved and showing our new generation what it was like fighting fires without using all the new equipment. My role at Greenwood is I hold the rank of Chief.   My role consists of safety and upkeep of the fire service traditions of this department as well as supervising the other officers below me. My Accomplishments at Greenwood are that I was the youngest President and also served as Vice President. I was also one of the founding Committee Members in making Greenwood a Museum.  I am very proud of Greenwood and all of its dedicated members.

Sandra Carlow - Secretary

I have been a member of Greenwood for 2 years.  In 2022, I was elected as Secretary. I am also the Hall Director for the Greenwood Fire Company.   It's great to be a member/volunteer of Greenwood Fire Company and to help with the preservation of Greenwood.

Jim Lukowicz - Chief Engineer

His knowledge of fire department vehicles is astounding. Hard to find these days. He is man a with his own antique fire apparatus and is an essential member of the East Greenwich Fire Museum.

Karen Carlow Leite - Member at Large

Secretary for 6 years.  My dad worked in Greenwood and I visited him often.  I enjoy looking and reminiscing about Greenwood and all the pictures that are in the museum.

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